investing in a sustainable future

As business angels, we want to help early-stage startups that care about to contribute to sustainability, and bring their ideas to life.

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The future of the planet lies in our hands. We want to contribute to positive change by supporting entrepreneurs with their environmental impact business ideas.

businesses we already founded or invested in:

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We’re Dr. Carmen Zirngibl and Dr. Frank Schäfer. As business leaders in the Life Sciences with over 60 years of combined experience as founders in our respective Biotech and Recruitment companies, we feel that expertise is for sharing. We want both our business experience and financial means to go towards the planet’s survival and future – by working as an investor team.

by working with us, you’ll benefit from:

  • Biotech and Life Sciences industry expertise
  • Expert advice on recruiting, team building and HR management
  • C-Suite mentoring
  • Passion for sustainability on all levels
  • A partnership on equal footing based on respect and mutual learning
  • Personable, cooperative supporters of your mission
  • Financial investment


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