work with us

our process

Your way to working with us.


initial assessment

We assess collaboration proposals in form of a one-pager or similar to make sure they meet our investment criteria.



First conversations to discuss your vision and how we can best support you.


due diligence

Together, we’ll identify a framework of support needed, including financial bid and details; then we’ll perform a light Due Diligence process of the form and content of your business plan.



Start of investment and establishing a support framework at regular intervals for an agreed period of time.

We believe that what the world needs is to change how we operate economically. And this is about more than just growing businesses. It’s about adding new perspectives and offering innovative, flexible and sustainable solutions that serve the environment rather than harm it.

our investment criteria

We are looking to invest in companies within our areas of expertise and understanding. Here is an outline of the kind of proposals we accept.

life sciences

  • moderate cash requirement
  • combination of life sciences and sustainability that improve the status quo, such as waste and/or energy reduction, recyclable products, use of recycled materials or reusability

focus areas:

genomic research / diagnostics / molecular breeding


  • products that have a positive impact on ecosystems
  • large-scale recycling or upcycling
  • products that lead to health improvements or benefits

focus areas:

food and nutrition / waste reduction / recycling and upcycling of everyday products / biodiversity support projects

Please note that we only accept proposals which closely match these criteria in either category. Applications that don’t match our criteria won’t be considered.


Find answers to frequently asked questions.

We currently accept proposals for German and EU businesses.

We are privately funded and independent. Provided that our investment criteria are fully met we consider all proposals equally and decide to go ahead with the business ideas we believe will have the best impact for the planet and sustainability. We don’t discriminate based on previous investment or the education, ethnicity or gender of the entrepreneur. Read more about our investment criteria here.

There is no specified maximum amount. In general, we offer small to moderate investments per business idea with the option of a follow-up engagement if required.

We’re looking to collaborate with viable businesses to give them our business experience as well as financial support. Therefore, a monthly check-in on business development and mentoring sessions for the first 2 years after investment are a non-negotiable part of our investment package.

No, but we can help you develop a hiring strategy that is achievable, sustainable and appropriate for your business. Carmen’s 30 years of expertise in executive recruitment mean she can also support you in creating an employer branding strategy that is effective and appealing to new hires.

Absolutely. As natural scientists ourselves we understand a bit about your background and skills, but also bring over 60 years of combined business experience to the table. From creating a business plan for grants to hiring your first employees and becoming profitable, we can support you every step of the way. We’re looking to invest in ideas that support the planet from the ground up, no matter the experience level of the applicants. If we believe in you and your proposal, we’re happy to work with you.

As a first step, a one-pager outlining the concept of the project/the product, the market you plan to act in, your team and experience, and high-level financial information (funding requirement, revenue potential) will be sufficient. You should be prepared to provide a detailed business plan in a possible follow-up phase.

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